In-situ Testing

In-situ testing can provide some necessary parameters for verification and problems solving in engineering design. The laboratory is well equipped with many advanced instrument for various in-situ testing and operated by well trained technicians under the supervision of professional engineers. The laboratory services include:

  • Determination of in-situ bulk density and dry density by sand replacement method
  • Determination of in-situ bulk density and dry density by nuclear densometer method
  • CBR test
  • GCO probing test
  • Resistivity test and half cell test
  • Temperature monitoring of high strength concrete
  • Covermeter survey
  • Pull out test on steel bars and cast-in bolts
  • Pull off test on coating and tile
  • Resistance test on curtain wall and windows
  • Permeability test
  • Site sampling and making/preparing of specimens
  • Rebound hammer test
  • Stress-strain monitoring and analysis
  • Vibration monitoring and analysis
  • Sampling and Coring of concrete
  • Bleeding and free expansion
  • Bond strength mortars on concrete
  • Carbonation test
  • Tensile proof load test on anchor bolts and dowel bars in concrete and masonry

The laboratory can also provide non-routine tests and proposal to special test methods so as to fulfill our clients' requirements.

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